Interactive Map

This map contains information on cave name, location, elevation, monitoring parameters, time period and contact person. Further details on how to use this map are below.

The parameters are:
Cave air (T, pressure, pCO2, humidity, air flow speed, radon, C isotopes of CO2)
Drip water (T, EC, drip rate, pH, chemistry, H isotopes, O isotopes, C isotopes)
Soil (T, moisture, pCO2, chemistry, C isotopes of CO2)
Meteoric precipitation (amount, H and O isotopes)
Surface air (T, humidity, pressure, wind speed, wind direction)
Other (Modern calcite isotopes, CH4)

To obtain this information:

(1) Click on a specific icon on the map – this will open the legend with information for that site
(2) Click on the ‘open legend’ symbol to the left of the title ‘cave monitoring sites’. From there you can click on a specific cave name, and obtain the information
(3) Click on the ‘view larger map’ symbol in the top right corner. This will open a new window with a search tool where you can search for a specific cave name, researcher, or monitoring parameter.